Vision Mission

Vision Mission

Today, the name of the street children is any nick name called by others, and their address is under
the flyover or pillar or electric poles. We want to change this, give them a new address, identity.
Our core vision is to give the homeless street children a feeling of hope, fulfil their dreams, and
help them realize that they belong to this country, and they have the right to get education like any
other children in this country.
They need education!
Train the street children to speak, read, write and learn like any other children. We want them to
chase butterflies in the garden, something they can't imagine today. Train them to cultivate honesty
and character in them.
They need some hope!
We want to give them a feeling that they have a future, fill a feeling of confidence in their hearts
and help them explore their abilities, taste and giving them shelter, school, food and facilities until
they become self-dependent in their life.
They need shelter to live and school to study!
We will act as a care giver to give them a happy and healthy future. Create an atmosphere to give
them a feeling of self-worth and make them proud of themselves. We will provide them with the
opportunity to be healthy and become well-trained skilled people.
They need skill training!
Create the most suitable skilled and professionals training institutions to give training for them like
anyone comes out of any professional colleges or universities. Help them to lead a happy life
working and earning a living for themselves tomorrow.
They need opportunities!
We want them to enjoy games and give talented children adequate opportunities to take sport as
their profession if they are interested and train them in the sport institutes hiring the best trainers
for all games, from tennis to javelin. Help them to become good athletes who play for India even
in the Olympics like other sports people. Encourage them to be in the mainstream life leaving the
street children address and image.
They need a feeling of self-worth and belongingness!
Because they are our children and citizens who deserve our care, mercy and the right to lead a
decent life and have a hope for their life and future.
• We want to pick children from the street and educate them.
• We will create a journey for them from primary education through skill development and
professional education.
• We intent to make them physically fit and mentally sound citizens for which both the
academic and physical education will be planned and imparted.
• We will test the skillset from time to time to make sure that they are industry ready.
• We will open new avenues from technical education to professional courses and
employment recruitment and placement cell for them to get into an ob.
• We will facilitate the interested skilled and professional students to set up their own venture
and fund them.
• We will help them to find a suitable market for their service and products.
• We will help them network in the industry and in the market to reach out to potential
• We will mentor them appointing experts to reach at the apex of their career and in life
practical life.
• We will instill confidence in them and make them good citizens and productive individuals
in their life.
• We will help them find a new way of life giving them a new hope.