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We provide Skill Training & Ethical Life Courses, Physical Education.
Once the children got basic education, we provided them with advanced skill training. They are trained in many technical skills according to their taste, caliber and talents besides their taste.

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Facilitating Professional & Entrepreneurship Training. We provide professional courses for those students who show keen interest in growing further and are talented. They will be trained to become hand-core professional and industry ready. Later on, help them get access to the job market and be employed.

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We impart Basic education
Basic education is provided for the children who never got any access to school. We pride ourselves on the fact that our education mission makes them someone who can read, write and think.

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It's more than seventy years since India became independent. Yet, more than 20 million children are not attending schools, and gradually they become laborers who earn a meagre amount doing manual labor.
Our goal is to facilitate quality education for the under privileged and street children that never get any avenues normally. They need a platform to grow, become skilled and live a normal life like any other children in our society. We help them to take the journey seamlessly giving them financial, educational and other services from time to time and groom them to become self-dependent.

Educations is the backbone of a successful society Every human being should have the right, privilege, and opportunity to get the best education possible. Unfortunately, in our world, this is often not a reality for many impoverished people groups. Education falls by the wayside as people group struggle to find food, shelter, and healthcare. Changing the social infrastructure is an enormous endeavour requiring manpower, money and agreement among opposite ends of the political spectrum (TECHNICAL-PROFESSIONAL-EDUCATION – IN INDIA) has taken up the challenges on education front for the local people of adjoining areas of (Achalpur, Dist. Amravati). We are a grant giving charity promoting the education of young people living in the local area. We help fund educational needs for individuals, be it a trip to Metro Cities to coincide with studies or equipment needed for educational activities. The charity has helped fund, everything from buying a book to a drawing board, to assist in learning computers or rearing cows. We have also been helpful in making grants to primary school children, whose parents are on a low income to enable them to take part in educationally focused residential trips. In making these grants the Trustees hope to enrich the lives of the young people in our area. Our Trustees meet 4 times a year to consider applications and award grands. We are proposing to start B. Ed. In this area, for which the building has already been constructed at Achalpur City Distt. Amravati (M.S.).




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